Heads Up - classes tend to fill, so it can be a good idea not to wait till the
                                           last week before classes begin!

                                           The TQI Diet – the Abascal Way is a simple but sophisticated diet
                                    that merges the science of nutrition with traditional knowledge of
                                    food and health. One of its key features is the lack of calorie    
                                    restrictions and portion controls.

    Omnivores, vegans, vegetarians, localvores, those eating a
    traditional ethnic diet, those with multiple food sensitivities, those with
    big appetites, those eating a more traditional American diet, all can
    easily shape the plan to suit their preferences while following the
    plan principles.

    As inflammation is quieted, people quickly begin to feel better. The
    benefits students have noted include weight loss, improved sleep,
    less aches and pains, lowered cholesterol and reduced sinus

    In the five short weeks of Kathy Abascal's Anti Inflammatory Diet
    Class, you will discover your relationship with food and learn how to
    use food to quiet inflammation.

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Kathy's Blog: Don't Eat That!!!
Kathy's Blog: Don't Eat That!!!
Kathy's Blog: Don't Eat That!!!
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Kathy's Blog: Don't Eat That!!!